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16 May
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Hi, there!

My name is Amanda (hence the username), although I prefer being called, "Mandy." I'm a female, if the name didn't give it away (and if the interests didn't give it away, I'm a Christian; if you have a prayer request or anything, feel free to ask). I've been writing my whole life and am starting the search for a literary agent soon; I may post tidbits of my finished projects or works-in-progress in this journal.

Currently, I have completed two novels. One is a realistic Young Adult novel called 482 Maple and the other is a Young Adult fantasy called Inevitable Dusk. The former made it to the quarterfinals for the 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest; the latter made it to the quarterfinals of 2011 and is currently in the 2012 ABNA contest. Update: I have made the quarterfinals again! I hope the third time is the charm. :p Update: It wasn't. :p

I have several more novels in the works, varying from anywhere between the in-the-planning stage and 80,000+ words.

I'm part of a few writing communities, the foremost a private board of maybe fifteen regular members. I have improved so much thanks to them, from their feedback on my projects and from their analyzations of other works and from their own personal creations.

My favorite author is Mark Twain. Also, I have studied American literature more than British or others, so I plan to delve into more foreign works. In 2009, I had something of a crash course in fantasy. I have yet to explore science fiction in depth, but I've read some H.G. Wells and Ray Bradbury. I intend to get more classics of general fiction under my belt.

I could go on and on, but I better leave that to my journal entries. Feel free to friend me, and God bless!
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