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27 January 2017 @ 12:57 am
It's Been A While...Again  
I know I fell off the face of LJ for a long time again. A brief update:

*I'm still chipping away at college courses. The next semester starts soon.

*I'm on another draft of Inevitable Dusk and hope to send it to my first editor by March 1st. The tentative publish date is September 21st.

*In-between editing Inevitable Dusk, I'm working on a new draft of Tsirris. I started this story a decade ago; it's time to finish it. There will be a prequel and a sequel, and this book will still be the first in the series because I believe it's the best introduction to the characters and their world.

*Inevitable Dusk will have a sequel, tentatively called Through A Mirror Dimly. I don't recall if I've talked about that here yet. It will be a new adventure for Acio and Quill, and will focus on something important that is touched on in the first book.

*I've started a WordPress blog. Its new schedule will be Webcomic Wednesdays (where I link to and briefly discuss the many webcomics I follow, one at a time), Anything Thursdays (miscellaneous topics like writing and life stuff), and Flash Fiction Fridays. I have an idea brewing for today's flash fiction and will try to have it up by midnight my time. Anyway, my blog can be found here: https://pumpkinberryblog.wordpress.com/

Note: Oh, I have a tag for TAMD. I must have mentioned it before, then.